Entrevista con Martin Thorborg, emprendedor danés y CEO de su propia empresa

1-What was called you the attention of being entrepreneur?

(¿Qué te llamó la atención de ser Emprendedor?)

I have always been an entrepreneur when I think of it.
When my friends bought fish tanks for looking at the fish, I bought 5 tanks and started breeding fish and sold them to the local pet shop.
I was not good at listening in school, and I got very bad grades.
So finally I gave up on the school system and became an entrepreneur.

2-Do you think that entrepreneurs live better?

(¿Viven mejor los emprendedores?)

Everybody is different and if you can’t live with the stress of not knowing the day tomorrow, I don’t think that you would be happy as an entrepreneur.
But to be honest, I think most entrepreneurs live more intense and happy lives. You are always very alert and you get some big ups and downs and that is what I call life.

3-Which were the excuses that you were finding not to undertake before?

(¿Cuáles fueron las excusas que encontrabas para no emprender antes?)

Well, first of all I did not know that you could start your own business, I never thought of it. Everybody was talking about having good grades and get a job. It was first when I really failed in school that I kind of said to myself: “Martin, you are so stupid and nobody wants to hire you, so you have to make your own job” and boy, am I glad I did 🙂

4-What do you value more of your new life as an entrepreneur?

(¿Qué es lo que más valoras de tu nueva vida como Emprendedor?)

I value that I am my own boss and I can do the things I like and have other people do all the boring stuff. I like that when I do something either good or bad, I can see the result instantly and get the reward or the beating at once.
That is probably like full contact karate, you feel very much alive and you get rewarded every day.

5-What would you recommend to someone who is thought to start undertaking?

(¿Qué le recomendarías a alguien que piensa en emprender?)

You have to start a business doing something you love. If you are not passionate about it, your competitor is and he will be better than you.
So make your hobby your new start up.
Finally, everything takes time and a new business will take you 3-5 years before it really works. You don’t get rich in 6 month, it just doesn’t happen.
So be in it for the long run, work hard and have patience 🙂

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