Techsales Comunicación, best PR agency for press releases for startups and tech firms

The leading Communications and Press Office company Techsales announces the acquisition of 43 new client accounts in 2022, exceeding 100 active clients in its client portfolio and positioning itself as the reference company in the launch of press releases for entrepreneurial projects, startups and technology companies.

The company, founded and directed by serial entrepreneur Oscar Sánchez, is a leader in providing Press Office and Press Release services. It offers its services of writing, sending and managing Press Releases in Spain, Europe and the United States.

In Oscar’s words, «We are pioneers in uniquely offering a very affordable and personalized Press Office service, with the aim of developing, maintaining and consolidating the professional relationship of our clients with the media that are key to their activity. Our exclusive service of Press Office and Sending of Press Releases has the mission of supporting the commercial action of the company, pursuing and reinforcing the notoriety and image of the brand and the company, to clearly contribute to the increase in Sales, to the generation of leads, to the increase in web positioning-SEO, to a greater Goodwill and to impact the value of the company in its financial strategy as an instrument of valuation of the same.And we do it in the purest Silicon Valley style. «

About Techsales

Founded in September 2003, Tech Sales Comunicación has hit the Spanish market with an innovative project of COMMUNICATION AND PR SERVICES for tech companies and startups. Tech Sales Comunicación y Gabinete de Prensa is made of a a team of highly qualified professionals with wide experience in Journalism, Media and Digital Media. The company is leader in the application of the “Disruptive Business Model” to the world of Media with the most pure Silicon Valley style and a local approach to journalists, having designed its business plan to offer an excellent service at a competitive price. The high level of satisfaction of Tech Sales customers is the key of our success.