Visiting Santillana del Mar in 3 days

Would you like to do a route through Cantabria in 3 days with a special focus on Santillana del Mar? Don’t move, here we tell you which are the places you can’t miss. Santillana del Mar is a must-visit tourist destination in Cantabria, which combines history, culture, natural beauty, and gastronomy in a charming and welcoming environment.

Where to stay?

Santillana del Mar is the ideal place to stay in Cantabria because of its very central geographical location. From here, you can visit numerous parts of the community without exceeding kilometers.

A hotel to stay in this town is the Hotel BESTPRICE Santillana, an old mountain house that has been renovated to offer a charming stay in the rural world.

Located at the foot of the historic center, it is the ideal establishment to access comfortably and enjoy a few days.

Santillana del Mar Day 1: Santillana del Mar and the Altamira cave

Santillana del Mar is a medieval town known for being the town of the three lies because it is neither saintly, nor flat, nor does it have a sea.

You can walk through its cobbled streets and photograph its facades. The historic center is a place where historical and artistic heritage stands out for its conservation. Here you can visit the Plaza Mayor, Juan Infante street, the old washhouses, or the Velarde Palace.

Another architectural gem to visit is the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, a religious temple from the 12th century.

Altamira Cave (Museum). Just 5 minutes from the Hotel BESTPRICE Santillana, is the Altamira cave, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its museum can be visited in 40 minutes where you can observe its paintings dated from 14,000 years ago.

Day 2: The coast of Santillana and surroundings

Santillana is located in the center of Cantabria, so it has easy and quick access to coastal places such as Santa Justa Beach, a small cove that makes its way under a cliff where a small hermitage is hidden.

On this same coastline, is the El Bolao mill, a cliff surrounded by meadows where an old water mill is located.

Visiting the coast, we head to the town of Suances, known for being a coastal town where you can enjoy a unique sunset on Los Locos Beach or eat some delicious fried calamari on La Concha Beach. Don’t forget to visit its lighthouse from which you can observe an immense coastline of cliffs.

Day 3: Comillas and San Vicente

From Santillana del Mar, you can easily access the town of Comillas. A town that stands out for its architecture, beaches, and gastronomy. Here we can visit iconic places such as Gaudí’s Capricho, the Sobrellano Palace, or the Old Pontifical University of Comillas, all essential buildings for architecture lovers.

Between Comillas and our next destination, it is advisable to make a stop in the incredible sequoia forest, which leaves no one indifferent.

Finally, we will visit San Vicente de la Barquera, a small and well-known medieval fishing village where you can enjoy fish and seafood, as well as beaches and natural surroundings.

In this old town, we can visit places such as the Convent of San Luís, the Preboste Tower, or the King’s Castle, all with a unique history, and enjoy a unique natural landscape such as the Oyambre Natural Park, where we can do unforgettable activities such as surfing or paddle surfing.

What to eat?

During these 3 days, it is important to enjoy Cantabrian cuisine.

For breakfast, you can have a «sobao pasiego», a cake known for its flavor and size. You can’t forget to eat a «cocido montañés», a stew based on beans that you’ll surely want to repeat. For dessert, it is essential to try a delicious cheesecake.